Saturday, December 12, 2009


Having needed to buy summer shoes for work for sometime now, as my current shoes are falling apart basically, i decided to try my trusted Midas shoe store in Melbourne's Cbd the Melbourne central store. For those of you that don't know, Midas has European high fashion Ladies shoes mostly expensive but no where near as expensive as the top shoe designers IE Jimmy Choo's. Usually the stuff are quite friendly, but sometimes they can be a little snobby. But this experience tops the cake.
Today, I walked in and was taking a look at the shoes on the sales table, and within 30 seconds one of the sales assistants made a bee line for me. She was very pale with freckles and short red hair, she was wearing a pink cardigan and had way too much peach blush on with dark purple eyeshadow. Her makeup looked atrocious. I asked to try on a pair of black casual sandals, the Fanna style below,

in a 38 showing her the shoe. But before I can let go or put it down she rudely takes it out of my hand, asking me to "LET GO" as she needs the number underneath, mind you, there are 3 other pairs on the table she could have taken. But before she goes she confirms its an 8 so a 39 and i reply "no I'm a 38", but she doesn't want to know and walks off. She comes back with a 39, which is clearly too big. As I'm trying it on she keeps telling me that its my size and it fits just right, but its so big that i have at least 3.5 centimeters between my heels and the end of the shoe. And when i walk my feet slip. She tells me that they are meant to be loose and come off like a slipper. I tell her i have the exact pair but in white in a 38, can you please check to see if you have any in that size. She answers with "I will have a look! take the shoes that you have on off now, I need them back." "NOW please" I take them off and she rudely asks for the one that was in the box not on display and i hand her the shoe and she replies with "NO NOT that one, the other one!" and then proceeds to snatch the "correct" shoe out of my hand. : 0
At the same time I ask for a size in another style, a sandal again but suede but i specifically insist on a 38. She hesitantly agrees, looking at me like i have elephantitis feet! She then goes on back to the store room and comes back with the 38 and a 39.... She informs me that there are no 38's for the black fanna style sandals, I reply 'i will try another store'. I try on the second pair in my correct size 38, and they fit wonderfully however I'm a little unsure, on the style. When i turn around to tell her, i think i like the other shoe better she snaps "Can I have them back then!" I start to walk back to the couch as fast as i could as the shoes were quite slippery on the rug she rudely hurries me up with a "NOW!" and nodding her head.
Unbelievable!!!!! i only had them on for less than 2 minutes, walked to the mirror and then turned round. Not like i had been there for 2 hours trying to make a decision. It does take a little time to try on shoes, do they fit correctly are they comfortable. They weren't closing, there were five staff members serving, in a small single story boutique. She never asked if she could help me with something else, if she could ring another store for me...I left with nothing and I was disappointed that i didn't have a nice nasty comment for this woman. I guess i was more dumbstruck again by all the rude and sometimes nasty people i seam to consistently encounter!
Have you had any shopping experiences from HELL? Have any of you come across this kind of bad customer service in a shoe store or any store for that matter?