Monday, March 8, 2010

LOOK OF THE OSCARS 2010-My Favourites

Zoe Saldana

Jennifer Lopez and Amanda Seyfried.

Blue was big this year, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Mariah Carey, wore the best blue dresses of the evening.

Carey Mulligan, one of the few black gowns of the evening.

Sandra Bullock, I actually like the back of the dress more than the front.
Not sure of the pink lipstick though.

Demi Moore.

Sarah Jessica Parker. May not be the best gown she's ever worn to an award ceremony, but I like the uniqueness of it.

My favorite look of the evening: Miley Cyrus and her champagne colored dress, long earrings and vixen nail polish.

We wont mention her posture and how all the mags are going to mention how bad it was......

And the best dressed males of the evening are :

Tom Ford, Ryan Renolds (reminds me of James Bond) and bottom, Jake Gyllenhaal.

& a special mention to the always Very Sexy Gerard Butler.

The hair this year was tied up and in a bun.

My favorite make looks included:

Jennifer Lopez, a soft pastel look with a nude lip and Miley Cyrus a sexy smouldering eye and pale pink glossy lip.

Below, Nicole Richie, with her winged eyeliner very 70's. She reminds me of Cher for some reason...

What were your favourite looks of the evening?

Pictures are courtesy The Age, and