Monday, October 26, 2009

My disastrous attempt at applying fake lashes

Sitting at my computer yesterday after noon, and feeling bored, I decided to try my hand at applying fake lashes. I had recently brought a pair (MAC #7 's) on my weekend away in Sydney. I have watched more than my fair share of "beauty how too" videos on you tube, and i thought to myself "I can do what you all do, How hard could it be?"..... Well! .
Not as easy as I thought.....
I not only ended up with glue all over my hands, and finger tips but i almost glued my eye lids together. Thinking the tube of glue was like an eye drop I squeezed way to hard and a giant blob of glue came out. Then I proceeded to glue one of the lashes onto my left eye only to have it not sit right, as in sitting to high. I then decided to try the right eye, but that was worse. On my first attempt, the eye lash seemed to be sitting almost upside down, and on my second attempt the end of the eye lash had lifted and i had a thin line of glue on my eyelid. On my third attempt i had more glue on my inner right eye and i had to quickly wipe that off, or i would have glued my eye shut. I tried my left eye again but the lashes were sitting way to high again. Sigh... : D
So after this somewhat small but disastrous attempt to apply fake lashes i have decided to look into the best alternative i can think of Eye lash extensions.....Stay tuned for the before and after picks.....

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