Monday, June 11, 2012

Recent purchases

So I was in Myer (Australian department store) checking out the new Mac collection 'Hey Sailor' but after having a closer look I wasn't entirely thrilled about anything in the collection. Although I may go back for the bronzer. Well one of them anyway. On my way out I stopped and started flipping through the face charts and spotted a look that I really liked. It was a grey matte smokey eye, with a pink/ peach blush and angel lipstick. I loved it!! I wanted to take a picture, but how???The makeup artist had applied a darker foundation on the face (very yellow) so I thought "Great I can wear this look overseas!!" or tomorrow.
I decided to purchase the entire look: copperplate, gesso, quarry, e/shadow; and the blush. Although the blush the artist used was peach something or rather (i have to go back and find out) I decided to go with sunbasque.
Here's a quick pic:

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