Saturday, September 5, 2009


Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means...Beautiful summer dresses, bathers, shorts, minis and a gorgeous golden brown tan....well a fake golden brown tan..
On the off chance you don't know how to apply fake tan and you don't want a call from Mr Wonka because hes hiring stuff, here is a guide on how to apply your self tanner correctly.
Ideally the best time to apply fake tan is a few hours before bed. Using a loofah (an exfoliating mitten and a brush for your back) exfoliate your entire body. Remember to concentrate on the dry areas like the knees, ankles feet and elbows.
Apply your self tanner to one part of your body at a time. Take a small amount of your product and starting at your thighs apply in circular motions, massaging well into the skin working your way down each leg. When you reach the drier part's of your body like your knees and feet, lightly brush them with the self tanner used on your legs. Repeat this technique on the rest of your body.
Once you have finished with the application wash your hands thoroughly, than take a very small amount and apply the tanner on your hands massaging it in as you do with your hand cream.
Wait 10-15 minutes before getting dressed preferably in loose clothing or PJ's.
To help the tan last longer apply a rich moisturiser daily.
If all else fails, your best option is to get a spray tan done by a professional Beauty therapist.

Guinot have a great self tanner called Auto bronze (left) and for those of you that are super pale this one works quite well given you a beautiful glow.

If this self tanner is still too dark than try a gradual tanner like St Tropez medium to dark for the body (Right) it also comes in a formula for the face.

This is what we don't want to look like


  1. ouch. those people are orange. :(

    thanks for the laugh.

  2. Try Clarins self tan Gel....very orange no streaks!!!