Saturday, September 5, 2009

My favourite books on Make up!

So i thought i should start off my blog with
my favourite makeup book.
Its the one i always go back too. I own several books on makeup from
my first makeup book Cindy Crawford's 'Basic face' to R
ae Morris's beautiful book 'Makeup, The ultimate guide'. But Making faces by Kevin Aucoin is a must have! It has a step by step guide on contouring and highlighting, makeup application, makeovers on celebrities and ordinary people.

Check it out at Borders or your local bookstore nex
t time your there.

I love the look Kevin created on Jewel with a black kohl eyeliner pencil and dark brown/metallic liquid eye shadow.

Rae Morris's beautiful book on makeup!!

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  1. I have Making Faces! Great book!

    Just came across your blog. Keep it up! Look forward to reading more from you.